Services For Your Home

We provide a wide variety of services for your household waste. Most of these services are offered on a weekly basis though some areas are limited to an Every-Other-Week or Monthly pickup schedule. Some services are limited by area and distance to local landfills, but rest assured we will find one that will work for you.

Dumpsters come in a variety of sizes and service frequencies to best meet your household, farm or ranch needs. These include:

• 2-Cubic Yard

• 3-Cubic Yard

• 4-Cubic Yard (limited areas)

The small containers are quite ideal for rural households more than 10 miles from town. For larger containers (10 – 40-Yard) click here.

To set up service a scheduled service or order a temporary container, click here


At WDS, we currently offer 95 gallon carts. With our Cart Service we supply you with a cart that is made of a high density plastic that is much stronger than the plastic used in regular store-bought trash containers. They are much more aesthetically appealing in your neighborhood and simplify waste collection.

Some benefits of using our carts include:

  • Contributes to a uniform, neat, and clean appearance of your neighborhood on trash day
  • All trash is contained in a cart or bagged next to the cart.
  • Carts have a low profile design to withstand high winds common to the area
  • Carts keep trash in and critters out of your waste
  • Carts are equipped with large wheels, handle, and foot tipper to move your container

The carts have a smooth interior surface, making them easy to rinse clean, and to reduce the likelihood of waste becoming trapped in the container, caused by dents or rough edges.

Cart Dimensions:

Height: 42.4″

Width: 28.5″

Depth: 34.2″

Weight: 46 lbs.


At WDS, you still have the option of using your own container(s) for waste disposal. All trash MUST be in bags and customers are allowed 5-30 gallon trash bags each week.