Cart Placement & Guidelines

WDS Cart Placement & Guidelines:

Unacceptable Materials:

• Motor oil

• Electronic waste

• Hazardous waste & materials

• Liquid paint

• Construction waste

• Needles or syringes


• Cooking oil-(this can be disposed of if solidified – add kitty litter to solidify)

• Tires

• Dirt, sod, brick, concrete or rock

• Loose or hot ashes, coals or other flammable materials such as solvents, oil, gas or paint

• Dead animals (please contact your local Humane Society for assistance)


Placement & Guidelines

TIME: Trash must be out by 7 AM on your pickup day

WIND: ALL trash must be bagged


24 HOUR POLICY: Contact us within 24 hours in advance for

the following reasons:

• If you believe your service was skipped

• If you are going to have extra trash or large bulky items

for removal then contact us at least 24 hours in advance

of your scheduled pick-up day

• If you need an immediate “Special Pick-up” of LARGE items on a day other than your regular pick-up day

Cart Placement:

  • Carts must be two 2 ft apart from other trash or recycling bins, parked cars, fences, mailboxes or other obstructions
  • Place Cart wheels as close to the curb as possible
  • Avoid having materials tightly compacted or overstuffed- this may result in an incomplete service by our automated fleet
  • Lid of cart must be closed and completely flat or extra charges will be applied
  • Do not place anything on top of your cart