Inclement Weather

Helpful Information for Customers to Assist WyoDisposal in Providing Quality Service in all Types of Weather:


  • On high wind days please secure your trash container lids. It is helpful to have bagged your trash inside the trash container to reduce the chance of trash blowing around your neighborhood in the event a container is knocked over.
  • Drivers and Helpers will do what they can to secure a trash can after serving your location. However, please remember the containers will be lighter after the trash is removed and may blow over or be moved by the wind.
  • Drivers and Helpers will attempt to pick-up trash, however please realize they cannot run through the neighborhood collecting loose items.
  • We make every effort to provide service in all type of weather; however we are dependent on having the landfill open to unload our trucks. If the landfill closes and the trucks are full we cannot service additional customers. Every attempt will be made to contact customers to keep them informed.
  • If you are missed please call our main office.



  • Heavy rain storms can slow down our trucks due to slippery roads. Please be patient if we have not serviced your location at the normal time.
  • The Landfill may close if rains cause muddy conditions. If we cannot unload our trucks service may be delayed to the following day.


  • Depending on location we may not be able to service your neighborhood due to snow volume or accessibility of your home. We do not want to damage parked vehicles due to restricted travel space and or slippery roads. Also, do not want to have a truck get stuck which could delay service to other customers.
  • Please make sure snow has been removed so containers are accessible. Also, please help reduce icy surfaces to reduce the chance of a driver or helper from slipping and falling.
  • Landfill may have to close if snow accumulation is significant.
  • Your normal pick up time may be delayed due to slow driving conditions.
  • Extras may be buried in the snow and missed.
  • Depending on the amount of snow fall your location may be delayed a full day or more.


  • Wasps, hornets, mosquitos, and other insects find damp locations very desirable. Please keep lids on your trash container closed at all times to reduce water accumulation from rains.
  • Bagging trash and or keeping your containers clean will help reduce odor and insects.