Orange Tag

What it the purpose of this Orange Tag?
It is our desire to provide the highest level of consistent, reliable quality collection service. in order to accomplish this we provide our route personnel with some extra tools including the orange tags. We use this orange tag to help our route personnel communicate problems with customers.

Often these can relate to pickup problems or issues they encountered while providing the services today that impair or could impair the quality of service customers receive in the future. Another major use of the tag is for our office to be able to communicate account or billing issues including when the account is past due. Please note that if you receive the tag indicating “this is a courtesy pickup” your service will not receive the next scheduled pickup if we don’t hear from you well enough in advance of it to resolve issues or collaborate on a solution.

Container(s) in poor condition – We might leave this notice if you are using one of your own containers and it is damaged beyond normal use, leaking, missing handles, etc.
Container(s) exceeds weight limits – We may or may not actually complete the service due to the weight of the container. If we do complete service, please make note for the future to avoid filling the container so heavy. New Worker’s Compensation rules require us to limit the amount of weight our staff can handle safely. We as that you try to keep waste below 75 lbs. per container to your best ability.
• Container(s) overloaded –
Often we experience where items become lodged or jammed into the container and prevent all materials from being dumped easily out into the truck, or in order to get the materials out the container may be damaged due to the amount of force required to empty it. We would do our best to get it emptied without damaging it, but in the future it could result in damage to the container that we cannot take responsibility for under the circumstances. Please be sure to load trash so that it easily dumps out of the container or you could be required to off load some materials into a secondary container in the future.
• Container(s) exceed size limits – must be increments of 30-35 gallon – Our services are provided on a volume basis and if containers do not fit standards, then it becomes difficult for our staff to accurately measure the amount of waste. In addition, plastic bags are made in many sizes, some of which are very difficult to handle.
• Contains unacceptable materials – There are many items that are actually not allowed to be disposed of in Colorado landfills. Some of these include chemicals such as wet paint, oil, and gasoline. Also, the state of Colorado has banned Electronic waste from disposal in state landfills. These items must be handled separately from your regular garbage. Contact us on how to make arrangements or to find area locations where you can take them yourself.
Garbage at improper location – In order to keep our routes efficient and ensure all customers receive equivalent service, we have requirements for where containers should be placed. Carry-out and drive-in services are available for a small additional fee. Please have containers no more than 5 feet from the curb or roadside to avoid service skips or extra charges.
Extra items at curb that are too large – Some items just can’t be safely handled at curbside. Such items may include appliances and large furniture like sleeper sofas. We ask that you call ahead for collection of these types of items or make other arrangements with us or a third party for removal.
Courtesy pickups (put full message here) – this often relates to a billing or payment problem. Please contact our office as soon as possible to avoid service interruption.
Container(s) not accessible by 7am – in order to keep our route schedules and finish routes daily we ask that all customers have their trash at curb/roadside or any gates opened by 7am. our crews start their routes often so they can be at their first stop exactly at 7am.
Extra trash frequent- service increase recommended to avoid extra fees
Improper/insufficient container- this can include poor condition or too large of a container for price being paid.
Hazardous Waste- No hazardous waste allowed