Billing & Payments

At Wyoming Disposal Systems, we strive to provide the most economical and environmentally friendly choices to our customers. Depending on the category of customer you fall into, your billing may be done less frequently, but always with options from which to choose. All service types have the option of going to paperless statements or invoices, as well as using auto-pay services.

Payment Options

All customers have the following options for paying bills:

  • Personal or Business Check
  • Money Orders
  • Electronic Payments via the GSI Web Portal
  • Onetime payments by CC/Debit Card
  • Automatic Payment by Credit Card or ACH

LATE PAYMENTS: If you are a customer and attempting to process a late payment from our website, you must call WDS’ office at (307) 635-7168 to verify your account has been resumed. Thank you.

Billing Options

We currently bill all customers on a monthly basis. Please submit your payment as soon as possible after receiving your monthly statement. Payments are considered late 30 days from the bill date and could result in service interruption.

Commercial customers have a few special billing options available including the choice of Statement or Invoice. Our standard selection for commercial customers is to send a statement. For Waste Brokers and Contractors, we recommend asking to be set up with invoices.

We also provide the options of receiving an electronic statement or invoice. To go paperless, please contact us via email, phone, or make the change yourself on the web portal.  (Please note: if you have multiple accounts, each will need to be set up separately.)

For customers with multiple service locations, we do offer MULTI-SITE billing. We can set up your statement or invoice to have one main billing account but itemize each location separately. Another method will allow us to track each location for routing purposes on a separate account but still bill with one summary of service types and fees.

Waste Brokers – EDI options

One optional billing method that will soon be available to Waste Brokers is electronic billing, via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). If you would like to get on our list of broker customers requesting this billing method, please send us a request. From there, we will investigate whether we can meet your request.