Portable Toilet Options

What Portable Toilet Option is Right For You?


There are many different types of portable toilets that we offer here at Wyoming Disposal Systems. We have just what you need to fit your needs whether it be a construction job, party, festival, or event. We also offer both ADA and Handicap Portable Toilet options. We are going to outline the differences between all our units, so you know exactly what you need for your next event.

Standard Portable Toilets: These types of portable toilets are used mainly for construction job sites. They are equipped with a locking door, dome light, in-use indicator, toilet, urinal, and hand sanitizer dispenser.

Special Event Portable Toilet: Our Special Event portable toilets are kept in pristine condition and are used only for special events such as weddings, festivals, races, etc. They are constructed from high durable plastic and contain a locking door, dome light, in-use indicator, toilet, urinal, and hand sanitizer.

Handicap Portable Toilet: Our handicap accessible toilets include all the options of a special event portable toilet plus they provide enough room for a wheelchair to wheel forward and back but please note these do not have enough room for wheelchairs to make complete 360 turns. They are significantly larger than our standard and special event portable toilets and are ideal for family friendly events because it allows extra space for parents to accompany their children to the restrooms.

ADA (American Disability Association) Accessible Toilets: For many special events it is mandatory to have these ADA accessible toilets available to your customers. These toilets have everything a standard or special event portable toilet contain plus they have a flat floor design that easily allows wheelchairs to roll in and out and complete a 360 degree turn radius inside of the unit. It also is equipped with a hinged or magnetic door for easy opening and closing, grab bars inside the unit, as well as a clear placard on the outside of the unit indicating that it is ADA compliant. This unit meets and exceeds the American Disability Association Guidelines.

In addition, all of our units are equipped with complimentary stocked toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

When you rent a portable toilet from us you are guaranteed that our team is PSAI certified so we can provide you with the best service of health and safety when it comes to portable sanitation! For more information or pictures of our units click here.