Web Portal

The WDS Web Portal is designed to give customers access to basic account information, request changes or more information on services, and to make payments on their account(s). This is a certified secure site (Network Solutions) provided by our Customer Management software provider, Core Computing Solutions, LLC.

The fastest way to get to the Login page is to go to the bottom of the homepage and either click Online Account Access and Bill Pay (on the left side) or Pay Your Bill (on the right side). Both links will bring you directly to the login screen.

While there are limitations to the functionality of this system, we are excited about specific improvements in this module that are to come. This information will be updated as these improvements are completed.

There are currently nine views available, including:

  • Overview
  • Auto Payment
  • Billing History
  • Make Payment
  • My Profile
  • Paperless
  • Payment History
  • Request Service

Sign Out If you experience a problem with the payment portal, PLEASE do not try to pay a second time. Contact us directly at your earliest convenience. 

Save time and money. Sign up online for automatic payments.

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Bill History View

In this area, you can see printable copies of the charges and payments. You can also print these charges and payments.


Step 1: Click on Online Account Access and Bill Pay (on bottom, left side of the homepage) or Pay Your Bill (on the bottom, right side of the homepage).

Step 2: Above the Username and Password boxes, Click Register Here.

Step 3: Enter Account information (account & invoice number, email address, username and password − this field is case sensitive). Click Register.

Step 4: After you are registered and logged in, select Auto Payment from the menu on the left.

Step 5: If you want to pay by credit card, click Enroll with a Credit Card. Then enter the requested credit card information before clicking the Save & Enroll button.

Step 6: If you want to pay by ACH, add a check-mark to authorize reoccurring payment, and then click Enroll with a Check/ACH. Then enter the requested information for ACH, followed by the Authorize & Enroll button. 

Does it state that the username is invalid or already exist? If so, try entering your account number as your username and last four digits of your phone number as your password.

Still having trouble?  Please contact our office for assistance by calling (307) 635-7168.

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